Stay on top of your numbers

Our customized service offers build upon your current system and optimizes your processes to put your numbers at the bottom of your list of concerns

This is how smartkeep works

First, we get you all set up

No more fuzzy structures. No more painful information lags. Welcome, seamless integration.
First things first, we analyze your current structure and set up all of your internal processes and hook you up with the best platforms available. Need payroll management? Got it. Time tracking? Yes. Expense control? Of course. You name it.

Second, we take time-consuming administrative tasks off your hands

Payroll, billing, filing, paying and other time-consuming administrative tasks are frown upon across the board. But not by us. As we streamline your administrative processes, you'll never have to worry about it ever again.

Third, your books come in

As your transactions start rolling in, we make sure they’re properly recorded, identified, categorized, backed up, processed and ready for whatever you need them.

Fourth, reports, reports, reports

Track your business’s health with crystal clear reports. Wether you need the Big 3 (profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet), or any other tailored report, we got you covered. All accessible with a few taps on our platform.

And, of course, outsourced CFO

If you have a newer or smaller business, you may not have enough work (or cash!) for a full time CFO, but you probably need one more than ever. That’s when our outsourced CFOs come in. They can manage your cash flow, keep tabs on your business plan, keep projections up to date and much more, without adding a full-time executive salary to your payroll.

Time is priceless.

A couple of extra hours a day may not seem like much, but over time it means a few extra weeks a year. Start saving precious time and headspace now by joining smartkeep.